The Academic and Professional Honor Society for Homeland Security, Intelligence, Emergency Management, and all Protective Security Disciplines.

 Order of the Sword & Shield National Honor Society

Craig W. Gruber, Ph.D.

Director of Academic Advancement

​Associate Professor

Northeastern University

Ashley Novachich

Director of Marketing and Communications

​Oklahoma Press Association

Meghan McPherson, MPP

Director of External Affairs

Part-Time Faculty 

​Adelphi University

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James Phelps, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Angelo State University

Bert B. Tussing, M.S.


​U.S. Army War College

Charles M. Russo, M.A.

Adjunct Faculty 

​Federal Bureau of Investigation

James Ramsay, Ph.D.


​University of New Hampshire

Robert James Orr III, JD, LL.M.

Associate Professor 

​National War College

Meghan McPherson, MPP

Adjunct Faculty 

​Adelphi University

David H. McElreath, Ph.D.


The University of Mississippi

Robert J. Louden, Ph.D.


​Georgian Court University

Tobias T. Gibson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

​Westminster College

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Prof. Jeffrey P. Grossmann, JD 
Order of the Sword & Shield 
P.O. Box 972
Coram, NY  11727

DJ Phalen, M.A.

Director of Chapter Engagement


Columbia Southern University

Rosemary Hartofilis, M.S.

Director of Operations

​Academic Adviser

St. John's University

Jeffrey P. Grossmann, JD

Executive National Director

Associate Professor

St. John's University

Honor Society Staff - Volunteer Leadership

Ex Scientia Pax - "Out of Knowledge comes Peace"

Second, we wanted to create a mechanism to allow our best and brightest students to unite, not only from an "academic achievement" standpoint, but from a "service" perspective as well.  Giving back to our communities remains a key driver in our operational model.  All of our members, chapters, and employees (our entire Society family) are encouraged to volunteer in some form of service-related activity. Again, these ideals did not fit well within other honor organizations.  We place a high value on service. Service from a homeland security perspective.  We felt then, and still do today, that our academic discipline requires a specific and dedicated honor society.  After all, a dedicated honor society is an important part of the formula which makes our discipline a true academic field of study.

​Please read ourBy-Laws for a more complete organizational description.

The Society was created for two reasons.  First, over the past several years, a few honor organizations have expanded their scope to include “homeland security” as a secondary discipline (included in some other primary academic field of study).  They recognized a gap in "coverage" and sought to fit our growing discipline into their existing model.  Although this is an admirable gesture, the fact remains that these organizations were not formed with a focus on homeland security as a dedicated discipline, and as a result, were not properly representing our cause.  The Order of the Sword & Shield was created with our specific and unique interests in mind, and remains dedicated to the homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and protective security disciplines, solely.  

We Are More Than Just Your Average Honor Society...

About the Order of the Sword & Shield 

The Order of the Sword and Shield is the first and only academic and professional honor society dedicated exclusively to homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and all protective security disciplines. The mission of the Society shall be to promote critical thinking, high scholarship and professional development; to further enhance the ethical standards of the protective security professions; and to cultivate a high order of personal living.  In addition to its academic purpose, the Society is strongly committed to helping communities prepare for safety and emergency conditions and sponsors many types of informational events throughout the year.

The Honor Society was established in 2010 on the campuses of St. John's University in New York. It inducted its first members in 2011 and has had an induction class every year since then. The Founding Director, Associate Professor Jeffrey P. Grossmann, serves as the current Executive National Director, and oversees the primary operations of the Society. In an open letter to the industry, Professor Grossmann stated that "together with your support, we will position the Society as the leading resource in academic achievement recognition in the fields of homeland security, intelligence, emergency management, and all protective studies".

The Core Values of the Society are excellenceknowledgeethics, and peace.

Our motto is ex scientia pax which means "out of knowledge comes peace". As an association which represents homeland security, intelligence, and protective security academic disciplines, this has special meaning. With an ultimate goal of peace and safety for all, the protective security profession must utilize knowledge as a primary tool for the accomplishment of this objective. The Society recognizes this commitment and the dedication of those individuals achieving academic and professional excellence.

OSS or Omicron Sigma Sigma is our Greek name.